Tips on How to Climb a Mountain for Beginners

Beginners view mountain climbing as an exciting but intimidating endeavor. This is because, after completion, one gets to enjoy the beautiful scenery and experience the feeling of accomplishment. However, the journey to the top is not a smooth ride as one is bound to experience ups and downs. Therefore, below are tips to help you achieve a good time during your first mountain climbing experience.


Engage in Cardio or Jogging

Before climbing a mountain, it is vital to build your stamina and condition your body for the journey. Jogging and workouts will activate your body ensuring that you are in proper condition to get involved in an extreme activity such as mountain climbing.


Invest In Good Gear


Ensure to dress appropriately for the activity, as well as have the right materials and equipment to get you through the journey. As it could rain, or maybe you may end up slipping into a puddle of water, a mountain climber should have a waterproof bag to ensure that all belongings are protected and safe.


Carry Water and Snacks Rich in Protein and Carbohydrates


Energy is key to achieving a successful climb. As you will burn lots of fats and carbohydrates on your way up, you will lose lots of energy as well. Therefore, supply your body with more of these nutrients constantly. Similarly, dehydration causes a headache, fatigue, and confusion. As you want to stay sane and strong, carry enough water to sustain you until the last step.


Experience Nature’s Music


It is fascinating how making a climb up a mountain can be such a therapeutic experience. One is able to enjoy the wooing and wheezing of the wind, the rhythm of insects, chirping of the birds and fresh air all around. Allow yourself to forget all your troubles and get to enjoy the beauty of nature.


Interact with Others


Most times, there a couple of people going on a mountain climb at a go. It is important to interact with fellow climbers as you may need each other’s help at some point. In addition, you cannot get bored when you are making jokes and enjoying all the beauty that nature has to offer.


Handle the Call of Nature Appropriately


As you snack and drink your water, you will feel the need to use a bathroom. However, you will not find such a facility on a mountain. This means that you need to find alternative ways to answer this call. One of the best techniques to handle this is to look for a spot away from the trail. Once you ensure that no one can consider passing through that area, you can dig a small hole where you will leave your waste. Once this is done, use some soil and sticks to cover up the mess.


Avoid Littering


Avoid leaving your trash in the mountains as it is essential to take care of the environment. You can carry a plastic container or additional bag where you can store all the trash to dispose later.